Where to go? What to see?


If you ever had these questions, then you how it is difficult to find something that would fit you.

Now it is easy! You don't need to dig through google results anymore, just go to the 



Quick, easy and user-friendly search for the best attractions in United States, Caribbean and Europe. You may set your preferred style of adventure (e.g Extreme, Beach, Culture, Family, Outdoor) and location where do you plan to go. It will give you result in seconds!


If you experienced tourist, then the site has even more to offer!

You may create your own tourist page; fill it with photos and interesting facts about you and your adventures. You may create list of visited attraction or the ones you just going to see. You even may create your own professional traveler's reports and tell at once to all your friends about "how it was" ;-)

Let's try?

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My President and Yours

Doubl Duty

So just an fyi there are 4 of us that are attempting to pull double duty this summer. Will, Neil,Vince G., and I all applied to work Boy Scout summer camp. we don't find out about it until end of Feb after all the interviews are done. So if we get it...when august rolls around...please be nice.

-G <<<>>>
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First Entry! Yay!

Alright, the background doesn't look that great, but it was the best I could do with paint and the computer at Sean's work. Once we get the computer at home working, I promise you a fabulous new bg made with photoshop!! :D Here's our little community, feel free to post anything here! This community is for us to stay in contact, talk about camp, interviews, tell everyone swomething that needs to be said (in case the yahoo group doesn't get everyone) and anything else you'd like. Have fun! Hope to see lots of you on Saturday! :D